We were planning for this and next episode to be on Deka World Championships but unfortunately there were a trifecta of reasons that stopped us from being in Atlantic City to cover it live!

Instead, we plan to have two episodes on World’s Toughest Mudder (released earlier than planned). For this episode we have Tyler Veerman and DJ Fox!

Tyler is no stranger to ultra endurance OCR as he did really well in Telluride last year for the Spartan Ultra World Championships. WTM is very different than a Spartan event though, less burpees but much more water! We talk about his experience at the race, his decision to stop after 100 miles, and him comparing the experience to Telluride last year!

DJ came on the scene hot at last year’s WTM and secured a podium position of third place! He has since dedicated even more time and effort into this event and has been training at the Ultra House with Anthony Kunkel. We would all say that it paid off as he took the win overall this year!

0:00 – 4:52 – Intro
4:52 – 11:00 – Quick News
11:00 – 12:05 – Content Preface
12:05 – 46:46 – Tyler Veerman Interview
46:46 – 1:21:14 – DJ Fox Interview
1:21:14 – End – Outro

Next episode will hopefully be part 2 of our World’s Toughest Mudder Episodes!

News Stories:

Savage Point Series
Spartan Fenway Stadium Results
World’s Toughest Mudder Team Winner
Spartan San Jose Sprint, Super, and Beast Podiums
Deka Fit Podiums: Men and Women
Deka Strong Podiums: Men and Women
Deka Mile Podiums: Men and Women
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