Second half of WTM content, and then some local Turkey Trot audio! I will keep this description short since the episode is super long!

After some announcements from the brunch (skip if audio isn’t up to par) you’ll hear from Kris Mendoza, Allison Tai, Trevor Cichosz, Rea Kolbl, Javier EScobar, Erin Rost, and many others at the Champion’s Brunch, plus even more people at the bar crawl! Lastly you’ll hear some podiums and post race interviews after a local Turkey Trot!

Intro: 0-7 minutes.
Champion’s Brunch announcements: 7-29.
Podium announcements: 15-38.
Brunch interviews: 38-1:06.
Bar crawl interviews: 1:06-1:47.
Turkey Trot: 1:47-1:52.
Outro: 1:52-2:05

Next weekend we will be covering FIT Challenge’s Thanksgiving Trailfecta race and will hopefully have a special guest to help us be more grateful in our daily lives!


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