Biggest event of the year for us and we will be splitting this into a 3 parter! This is the first time we have split something up so much but what can I say, we went super hard!

This first part will have Katelyn, patron supporter Mark Duplessis, and Davis and Chace co-host Josh Chace discussing how their hot lap went and speculated how the course will go for the full 24 hour event. Following that you’ll hear Javier Escobar (spoiler: who ended up getting 3rd place!) planning out his race with his pit crew. Lastly you’ll hear audio from Mike’s pit stops which really puts you in what it feels like to be in the event!

0 – 3:09 – Intro
3:09 – 7:37 – News
7:37 – 12:38 – Content Preface
12:38 – 35:30 – Hot Lap Recap
35:30 – 57:34 – Javier’s Pit Crew Planning Party
57:34 – 1:36:18 – Mike’s Pit by Pit Experience
1:36:18 – end – Outro

Our next episode will cover the WTM Brunch and the Bar Crawl, where you will hear the highlights of the brunch (such as Javier Escobar receiving his orange jacket, community awards and the newest inductees of the WTM Hall of Fame) you will also hear from key members of the Tough Mudder community, like Coach and the new CEO Kyle McLaughlin, as well as people like Matt B. Davis and Heather Olsen!


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