Today is WTM-Eve. It’s like Christmas, but the presents are pain and suffering. And then when you think you’ve opened all the gifts your dad goes into the other room and brings back…HYPOTHERMIA!!! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

You know Kyle Railton better as Coach Mud. With his tight shorts and “So cool it’s STILL cool” handlebar mustache, Coach Mud is the spirit animal of Tough Mudder and Tough Mudder Legionnaires everywhere.

At World’s Toughest Mudder this year will be the debut of the 2.5 Mile Pit Party hosted by Coach Mud. Halfway through the 5 mile course at WTM runners will be able to receive food and water from their pit crew as well as enjoy the DJ stylings of one Coach T. Mud.

Coach talks with Will about his background in dance music and how the combination of DJing and Tough Mudder makes him feel that “I was born for this”.

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