Biggest event of the year for us and we will be splitting this into a 3 parter! This is the first time we have split something up so much but what can I say, we went super hard!

I know a lot of people have been excitedly waiting for this part 3! Before we get to a very intoxicated Javier you’ll hear Katelyn talking to fellow pit crew members Mark Duplessis and April Dupree about what it takes to be a great pit crew and how it feels to get a friend to 100 miles. After that will be a post bar crawl interview with Javier Escobar at a Waffle House, because when your sponsored athlete wants Waffle House you get him there!

0 – 2:37 – Intro
2:37 – 5:28 – News
5:28 – 6:04 – Content Preface
5:08 – 48:21 – Pit Crew Interview
48:21 – 1:24:08 – Drunk Javier
1:24:08 – end – Outro

Our next episode will be an interview with someone awesome in the OCR community about a book coming out (maybe by the time you hear this)!


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