The OCR Report MONEYBOARD is the first-ever season long tracking of the winnings of the elite-level OCR athletes. The MONEYBOARD is an OCR Report exclusive feature and we are excited to bring it to you all season long.

Nicole Mericle and Veejay Jones did not race this weekend, but their tied lead at 1st Place is still secure with $4,000. Ryan Kempson won F.I.T. Challenge over the weekend, but that top podium spot did not include prize money or an oversized check. Kempson stays in 3rd Place with $3,100.

Kris Rugloski is in 4th Place on the MONEYBOARD. Rugloski added $1,000 to her 2021 winnings with her win at Savage Race Central Texas but it wasn’t enough to move her up in the standings. Her new total of $2,700 leaves her only $400 behind Ryan Kempson.

Tied for 5th Place is Ryan Woods and Jaryd Flank with $1,500. Woods won $500 and moved up three spots on the MONEYBOARD with his win at the Saturday Spartan Sprint in Charlotte. Flank earned $1,000 with his win at Savage Race Central Texas and joined the top ten for the first time this year.

Kaci Monroe and Brian Gowiski are tied in 7th Place with $1,400. Monroe did not race this weekend and dropped from 5th to 7th on the MONEYBOARD. Gowiski raced both days of the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte and won $700 with his second place on Saturday and first place on Sunday. Gowiski joins the MONEYBOARD after just missing the top ten last week.

Taking the last two spots on the MONEYBOARD this week are Rebecca Hammond and Alex Walker, tied for 9th Place with $1,300. With Hammond racing Hyrox this weekend (and crushing it) and Walker taking a training weekend, neither of them earned any new money toward the MONEYBOARD. They both dropped three spots and went from tied for 6th to tied for 9th.

For more information on the OCR Report MONEYBOARD including what races do and do not count, and why the men and women share the same MONEYBOARD check out the debut of the MONEYBOARD.

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