The OCR Report is proud to announce a first in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing: The OCR Report MONEYBOARD.

Medals are great, and headbands are fun, but you can’t eat fun. You can’t pay the rent with it either.  Yes, US National Series Points are great, but have you tried exchanging them for goods and/or services?

All year long we will be tracking every elite athlete and the results from every OCR race offering prize money. Each week we will update The OCR Report MONEYBOARD and see who is buying dinner at the next race.

This is the first-ever year-long tracking of prize earnings in the sport of OCR. We are excited to debut The OCR Report MONEYBOARD and see who are the biggest earners in the sport at the end of the year.

What prize money will count toward The OCR Report MONEYBOARD?
Any winnings from an Obstacle Course Race in the US or Canada, or a World Championship Race outside of the US.

What about race winnings from non-OCR races? Trail races and road races?
First of all, most trail races don’t have cash prizes. At the last trail race we did the winner got a burrito and a high-five and so did the guy in last place. But no. Just OCR races like (but not limited to) Spartan, Savage, Hildervat, OCRWC, and World’s Toughest Mudder.

What about events like Deka and Hyrox? Do virtual events qualify?
No. Deka and Hyrox have a lot of athlete crossover with OCR, but they are OCR-adjacent. Virtual events do not qualify either.

What about winnings from OCR TV shows like American Ninja Warrior and The Spartan Games?
Great question, but no.

Will endorsement payments be added to The OCR Report MONEYBOARD?
No. Race winnings only. That sponsorship money doesn’t spend here.

Why is there only one OCR Report MONEYBOARD? Shouldn’t there be a separate board for Men and Women?
Nope. We’re good. Nicole and the ladies can hang with the fellas just fine.

Is there a prize for winning The OCR Report MONEYBOARD?
Other than winning the most money in the entire sport all year long? Maybe a trophy. Definitely a T-shirt.

So let’s see it! Who is on top of the first OCR Report MONEYBOARD?
Nicole Mericle and Veejay Jones share the top spot in Week One of the MONEYBOARD, both with $4,000. They both earned $3,000 with their wins at Spartan Jacksonville. Nicole earned another $1,000 with her win at Savage Race Georgia. Veejay earned his extra thousand with two $500 wins at Spartan Las Vegas this past weekend. Ryan Kempson is in third with his strong performances at four separate races including three wins at Savage Florida, Savage Blitz Florida, and Savage Georgia. (Kempson has won every Savage Race held so far this year.)

What is next for the OCR Report MONEYBOARD?
Weekly updates and (hopefully) Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster making an appearance. They are up in Canada waiting for travel restrictions to lighten up so they can travel to races here in the U.S.

What about (THIS THING) that I hate about the OCR Report MONEYBOARD? I HAVE QUESTIONS!?!?
Leave a comment here or text Will Hicks at (619) 485-2726.

Where can I view the next update to the OCR Report MONEYBOARD?
The OCR Report Instagram page, @theocrreport. Be sure to follow and check each week for the current OCR Report MONEYBOARD.



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