This is the final of our 3 episodes covering OCRWC this year!

Part 3 focuses on Sunday’s Team Relay Races as well as the 100 Meter Semi-Finals and Finals! It begins with the men’s relay start line audio with Justin Manning, a bunch of team and individual athlete interviews, a few vendors, and some interviews with the athletes who made it to the semi-finals of both the open and pro 100 meter competition!

If you want some OCRWC videos to watch, Mike (and sometimes Katelyn) were involved in the Live Pre-Show, Pro 3K Live Recap, Pro 15K Live Recap, and Team and Weekend Live Recap!

Of course if you want to watch the live stream coverage of the races then we have the 3K Race, 15K Race, Team Relay Races, and 100 Meter Semi-Finals and Finals!

0:00 – 2:40 – Intro
2:40 – 11:39 – Quick News
11:39 – 14:08 – Content Preface
14:08 – 18:02 – Men Relay Start Line Audio with Justin Manning
18:02 – 1:04:20 – Team Race Interviews (Martin Heerkins, Teije van der Kooij, Jesse DeHeer, James Burton, Mark Dickson, Barry Buchanan, Seth Rinderknecht, Kevin Thompson, Ben Rittenhouse, Victor Martin Tojar, Juan Fran Sanchez Cazorla, Angel Sanchez Serrano, Oleksii Nikitendo, Anthony Burkholder, Adam Becker, Alan Cole, Molly Crowley, Joanna Diaz, Ryan Atkins, Jack Bauer, Annie Dube, Veejay Jones, Anouk Garnier, Dimitri Houlès, Nathan Caparros, Jarrett Newby, Jerine Klingberg, Ryan Brizzolara, Lindsay Webster, Jesse Bruce, Rose Wetzel, Renske Van der Haar, Dominique Blom, Sandra Van Dijk, Erik DeHeer, Beatrix Kenesei Pollak, Erin Meyers, Rory Scher, Kevin Gregory, Nicholas Eichhorn, Matt Johnson, and Daniel Liszewski)
1:04:20 – 1:25:35 – 100 Meter Athlete Interviews (Aliyah Emas, Jaleesa Himka, Savannah Deschamps, Jacquie Desmond, Joe Moravsky, Charlotte Flood, Iurii Prokudin, Anthony Eardley, Melia Ochsner, Allyssa Beird)
1:25:35 – End – Outro

Next episode will likely be an elite interview with someone preparing for Spartan’s final North American Series race in Blue Mountain, Canada!

News Stories:

David Magida Wedding Anniversary
Justin Manning Having a Baby
Nicole Mericle Returns to Spartan
Lindsay Webster is the Sky Running World Champion
Tough Mudder’s Sliding Dirty
New York Hyrox Podiums
Tri-State Spartan Super, Beast, and Ultra Podiums
Cerus Arena Podiums
Dallas Savage Race Results
Graduation Secret Link
Flipping Secret Link
Random Secret Link
Tortilla Secret Link

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