Obstacle Course Racing World Championships happened and it was amazing! Mike went so hard with interviewing and collecting event audio that we may have enough content for 3 episodes which has only been done once before, for World’s Toughest Mudder 2019!

This episode is just part one and covers the 3K World Championship event, stay tuned for the upcoming episodes with even more interviews with incredible people!

Oh and Katelyn and Mike are now engaged so there is a little bit of that in here for true fans of the show (more planned for episode covering Sunday)!

0:00 – 3:40 – Intro
3:40 – 8:07 – Quick News
8:07 – 9:49 – Content Preface
9:49 – 25:11 -Thursday Audio (Tim Guinan, OCR Gives Back, and Airbnb Ring Talk)
25:11 – 28:39 – Start Line Audio with Justin Manning
28:39 – 1:34:51 – Elite and AG Interviews (Jarrett Newby, Aaron Newell, Leon Kofoed, Ian Hosek, Rachel Corigliano, Kris Ruglowski, Kelly Sullivan, Chrissy McFarland, Lindsay Webster, Meg Julian, Ryan Brizzolara, Beni Gifford, Veejay Jones, Egor Belousov, Rose Wetzel, Jack Bauer, Hubie Cushman, and Ida Mathilde Ruben Steensgaard)
1:34:51 – 1:37:56 – Quick Recap with Jimmie and Angela
1:37:56 – End – Outro

Next episode we plan to release part 2 of potentially 3 total episodes covering OCRWC!

News Stories:

World Doping Agency Reconsiders Cannabis Ban
Winner of Half Marathon gets DQ for Running Wrong Race
Spartan North American Championship Podiums: Men and Women
OCRWC 3K Podiums: Men and Women
OCRWC 15K Podiums: Men and Women
OCRWC Team Relay Podiums: Men, Women, and Coed
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