Obstacle Course Racing World Championships was a week ago but we are still just as excited to release more content from the amazing weekend! This episode has 20 more interviews with some of the incredible people that made the event so epic!

This episode is part two and covers Saturday with the 15K World Championship event, look forward to part 3 focused on Sunday next weekend!

Apologies for the audio quality issues in the intro (our mic unplugged during the long recording). Also, Mike realizes that 111222 is not a palindrome, just a really cool number.

0:00 – 3:08 – Intro
3:08 – 13:03 – Quick News
13:03 – 14:00 – Content Preface
14:00 – 16:09 – Women’s Elite Start Line Audio with Justin Manning
16:09 – 56:15 – Elite and Age Group Interviews Part 1 (Egor Belousov, Ryan Kempson, Ryan Brizzolara, Aaron Newell, Rose Wetzel, Lindsay Webster, Patrick Petrong, Meg Julian, Ian Hosek)
56:15 – 1:05:02 – 13+ AG Men Start Line Audio with Justin Manning
1:05:02 – 1:48:58 – Elite and Age Group Interviews Part 2 (Jason Dupree, Sarah Hetzel, Kris Ruglowski, Chris Hoover, Aliyah Emas, Amy Pajcic, Megan Beck, Grant Bercik, Logan Broadbent, Terry Perperis)
1:48:58 – End – Outro

Next episode we plan to release part 3 of episodes covering OCRWC!

News Stories:

Fastest Man on Two Hands
Kirk DeWindt and Alcoholism
Reinforced Running Training Plan
RuckFest Registration Closing
Devil’s Den Registration Extension
Tough Mudder Infinity
OCR 2022 Announcement
100% OCRWC Completion Rates
Spartan Tahoe 2022?
World’s Toughest Mudder 2022 Location Change
Savage Race Georgia Podiums
OCRWC 100 Meter Podiums: Men and Women
Spartan Nashville Super Podiums
Spartan Nashville Sprint Podiums
Spartan TriState Beast Podiums
Spartan TriState Ultra Podiums
Spartan TriState Super Podiums
Spartan TriState Sprint Podiums
Tougher Mudder Pennsylvania Podiums
Legends of the Falls Podiums
Red Bull’s Conquer the Castle Podiums
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