In the year where there are two OCRWCs I figured it would be great to hear from someone who went to compete in both of them!

Ian Hosek has been a prominent member of USAOCR for a while now and he made the trip over to Belgium to compete in the first FISO OCR World Championships. More recently he competed in Spartan Race’s OCRWC (man that’s going to take some adjusting to) and took 2nd in the 3K, 2nd in the 15K, his men’s relay team took 1st, and his coed team also took 1st!

We talk about the differences between the two events, how he feels about his recent success in Mammoth Lakes, his feelings on the Tough Mudder Infinity in Saudi Arabia, and much more!

Be sure to follow USAOCR on Instagram, and check out the last time Ian was on the show to talk about it!

0:00 – 3:45 – Intro
3:45 – 16:50 – Quick News
16:50 – 17:29 – Content Preface
17:29 – 1:06:11 – Ian Hosek Interview
1:06:11 – End – Outro

Next episode we plan to have someone else on the show from Adventurey’s … uh Spartan’s OCRWC!

News Stories:

OCRWC 2024 in California
Spartan Trifecta 2024 Medal
Marathon World Record
Cassanda and Matt Carroll’s Baby
Cerus Arena Podiums
Savage Race Texas Podiums: Men and Women
FISO OCR World Championship 100 Meter Results: Men and Women
OCRWC 3K Podiums: Men and Women
OCRWC 15K Podiums: Men and Women
OCRWC Team Results
OCRWC 100 Meter Results
Otter Trust Secret Link
Gandalf Advice Secret Link
Wicked Witch Secret Link
Drummer God Secret Link
Fear Reaction Secret Link

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