BattleFrog is remembered for both good and bad by those who ran it when it was around! With the next incarnation of the event planning to resurface and the initial comeback weekend being this weekend, Mike figured that he would have his good friend CJ on the show to talk about running the event back in 2015!

This is a simple episode reminiscing about the old days in OCR and doing commentary on our GoPro event video that Mike made years ago!

We do not go into specifics of the past and future of the event as it wasn’t really the goal of this episode. Here are some articles for additional information about the initial launch of Battlefrog, the BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl, and the cancelling of all future events.

BattleFrog X continues to try to continue with their relaunch when Will Hicks interviewed them earlier this year but we aren’t optimistic at this time due to Garfield Griffiths returning to be exclusively a Spartan Race director, and the overall lack of communication from BattleFrog X lately. That being said, we would be happy to be proved wrong!

0:00 – 2:30 – Intro
2:30 – 5:56 – Quick News
5:56 – 7:32 – Content Preface
7:32 – 39:20 – Reminiscing Battlefrog with CJ O’Connor
39:20 – End – Outro

News Stories:

Pheonix Race in Mississippi not Missouri
Will Hicks Interviewing Julie Wolff of Phoenix Race
KC Timber Challenge
Notre Dame Spartan Cancelled
Michigan Spartan Cancelled
Daniel Romanchuk Cliff Bar
Des Linden 50k World Record
Aaron Newell Surgery
Secret Link

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Next episode Katelyn will be interviewing an elite OCR athlete who has some exciting news to announce!

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