Veejay Jones won the first race of the 2021 Spartan US National Series in convincing fashion. Jones won the approximately three-mile Jacksonville Sprint in 25:39, over a minute ahead of the second-place Ryan Woods.

The deciding obstacle for the men was the tire flip. Although he struggled with it, Jones was able to make both flips of the tire successfully. No other male athlete was able to, sending them to do penalty burpees while Jones continued on toward the finish line. Jones said the difficulty with the tire was not the weight as much as how slippery it was. “It was like grabbing on snot” said Jones.

With his first place finish, Jones earned himself 300 points in the US National Series. The athlete with the highest point total from their three best races in the five race series will be crowned Spartan US Champion.

For a complete list of the Jacksonville Sprint race results go to

The next race in the Spartan US National Series is the Utah Beast, scheduled for July 17th. You can sign up for that race and any other Spartan Race at


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