WE HAVE A NEW LEADER and a lot of movement up and down on this week’s OCR Report Moneyboard.

First Place. Ryan Kempson takes the lead in the 2021 Moneyboard with his win at Savage Race Maryland. Kempson has won each Savage Race he has run and rode his recent win at Savage Maryland from third place into first. His recent $1,000 winnings brings him to $4,100 for the year and into first place.

Second Place (Tie). Veejay Jones and Nicole Mericle remain tied at $4,000, but now in second place instead of first. Neither Veejay or Nicole have raced since our last update.

Fourth Place. In fourth place is Kris Rugloski with $2,700. Kris did not race this weekend but no one below her on the Moneyboard was able to overtake her. Her fourth place is secure for the time being.

Fifth Place. Moving up two spots into fifth place is Kaci Monroe. Kaci won $700 at Spartan Montana with her first place Beast, second place Super, and her third-place Sprint performance. Kaci won all three places at all three races. We are going to call that a Kaci-fecta from now on. Kaci’s total winnings for the year are now at $2,200.

Sixth Place. Dropping one place to sixth is Ryan Woods. Woods won $500 with his second place at Savage Maryland but that wasn’t enough to keep his fifth-place position on the Moneyboard from the surging Kaci Monroe. Woods has a total of $2,000 in race winnings for the year so far.

Seventh Place. In seventh place is Jaryd Flank. Jaryd won the Phoenix Race OCR in Georgia this weekend, but that win did not include prize money. Jared has a total of $1,500 in winnings and drops to seventh place on the Moneyboard.

Eighth Place (Tie). Tied for eighth place are Brian Gowiski and Victor Quezada. Brian and Victor both have $1,400 in winnings so far although they took different paths to land at eighth place together. Brian did not race this weekend and dropped one place from seventh. Victor won first place at Battle of the Lions in Dallas/Fort Worth and won $500. That $500 prize shot Victor up nine spots from 18th to tied for eighth.

Tenth Place. In tenth place is Miranda Kielpinski with $1,350. Miranda won $250 with her third-place finish at Savage Maryland. Miranda moved up one spot this week, from 11th place.

Just a bit outside. Narrowly missing the top ten are three elite-level athletes: Rebecca Hammond and Alex Walker both have $1,300 in winnings this year and Ian Hosek has $1,200. Any one or all three of those names could easily be back in the top ten this year.

Races to watch. Spartan Austin and Savage Race Ohio will both have Moneyboard implications, but not nearly as much as the biggest race of the month: Hildervat. The race on Jacksonville Beach will be the 2021 debut of both Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster and will feature four current Moneyboard athletes and Rebecca Hammond who is just off the board in 11th place. It will also have the largest prize pool of the year to date and it’s not even close.


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