Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Obstacle Running Adventures

The Obstacle Running Adventures podcast follows the journey of the Mike Stefano running team, with Katelyn Ritter. On the podcast, you’ll hear from elite athletes, race directors, members of the OCR and running world, as well as our own community MStefano Running. Our top priority is to shine a spotlight on the incredible athletes in the northeast and to inspire others to step outside their comfort zones!

203. FIT Challenge, Newbsanity, and More with Meg Julian

203. FIT Challenge, Newbsanity, and More with Meg Julian

We weren't able to go and cover FIT Challenge in person due to it being out of state (where we can't go because of COVID) but we did...
Carlo Piscitello - The OCR Report

202. Carlo Piscitello’s Tough Mudder Origin Story, Apology for Devil’s Taint, and Plans for...

With Virtual World's Toughest Mudder happening last weekend we wanted to have someone from the event on to talk about it. Mike and Katelyn also had an...
Memories from Past World's Toughest Mudder Events

201. World’s Toughest Mudder Memories

Virtual World's Toughest Mudder was this weekend! We couldn't get too excited for the event but the news about 2021 WTM got us pumped up and Katelyn...
Obstacle Running Adventures Podcast

200. Episode 200 Live Q&A with a Podcast Shoutout Compilation

We hit episode 200 without missing a single weekend! We have put a mind blowing amount of hours into this show and felt that we should celebrate...
OCRWC Founder Adrian Bijanada

199. History of OCRWC with Adrian Bijanada

We all know that the OCR World Championships, OCRWC, in Stratton, VT were cancelled this year. I, like many many others was upset by this but figured...
OCR Coven Podcast Kim DeVoss

198. The OCR Coven Podcast with Kim DeVoss

We have wanted to have Kim DeVoss (host of the podcast OCR Coven) on our show ever since she released her very first episode back in July. However,...
Mine Falls Trail Running Festival with Escobar, Chace, and Hooper

197. Mine Falls Trail Running Festival with Escobar, Chace and Hooper

Listen to hear some old familiar voices - Javier Escobar, Josh Chace and Michael Stefano! Javier Escobar ran (and finished in fourth place) in the 8k and Josh...
Kenny West OCR Athlete

196. Kenny West Wins His First Ever Trail Race

Katelyn had the opportunity to meet Patreon supporter and longtime listener Kenny West (over Zoom, of course)! They chat about his recent first place finish at The Dutchman...
GORUCK Star Course with Mark Duplessis

195. GORUCK Star Course 26 with Mark Duplessis

We had Mark Duplessis on once again, this time to talk about his first time doing GORUCK's Star Course! He is a much more experienced Rucker than...
Kismet Cliff Run - Coree Woltering, Tom Hooper

194. Kismet Cliff Run with Coree Woltering, Tom Hooper, and More

Mike and Katelyn were finally able to cover a live event- The Kismet Cliff Run in Conway, New Hampshire! Listen and you will recognize some familiar east coast elite...


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