We have been wanting to have Alisa Petrova on the show for a while now with us first reaching out to her back in December 2022 to talk about the Spartan World Championships that year! Her being 9 hours ahead of us made it pretty difficult to plan a good time to record but it was worth recording at 5am our time to finally have her on the show!

Alisa talks about how she wasn’t medically allowed to engage in sports at a young age but eventually got into speed walking and later became involved with Hero Race. In more recent years she has continued to prove herself to be a podium threat at many championship events including the Spartan World Championships.

Within the past month she took on a new challenge in the form of an ultra by competing and winning Tough Mudder Infinity in AlUla. We discuss the barriers of fueling, pacing, and dealing with poor race day communications at the event. Also, her experience at the Government Games in Dubai this year!

0:00 – 6:35 – Intro
6:35 – 16:00 – Quick News
16:00 – 16:40 – Content Preface
16:40 – 51:46 – Alisa Petrova Interview
51:46 – End – Outro

Next episode is planned to be with Paul LaChance who recently ran his 200th Spartan Race at the age of 82!

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