More Obstacle Racing Media’s UltraVirus 12 Hour Race content, we heard back from Kristen and were happy to have her on the show to get to know her a bit!

Katelyn also got a call with Lynn Hall from BoldrDash to talk about Thrive Outside’s big contest! There are some epic prizes to be won and at the very least you have a good time!

0 – 3:44 – Intro
3:44 – 7:11 – News
7:11 – 8:08 – Content Preface
8:08 – 20:21 – Kristen Gray Interview
20:21 – 59:14 – Build Your Own Obstacle Course Contest
59:14 – end – Outro

Next week’s episode will potentially be with a big Canadian OCR athlete to talk about the gym side of the sport is dealing with the pandemic!

Episode Reference Links:

Check out Quarantine Qorner (Live Daily around 3 EST)
Evan Perperis’ Physical and Audio Book “Ultra OCR Man”
Dave Claxton’s OCR Unedited
Spartan and Tough Mudder Join Endurance Sports Coalition
Nicole Mericle and Aaron Newell Broke Up
Top 10 Men and Women UltraVirus Results
Secret Link
Follow Kristen Gray
Enter the Build Your Own OCR Contest!
OCR Discord (See who else is building their own course)

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