Mike is finally rested and spent a lot of time editing the 25 or so interviews from the first 7 days of OCR America! The original use for these interviews was to add to Evan’s recap episodes check them out here but there was a lot of good stuff that was never used so here it is!

0 – 3:00 – Intro
3:00 – 7:14 – News
7:14 – 10:35 – Content Preface
10:35 – 30:01 – Day 1 at Obstacle Athletics
30:01 – 52:41 – Day 2 at Otherworld Fitness
52:41 – 57:09 – Day 3 at Newbsanity’s Extreme Ravine
57:09 – 1:25:35 – Day 4 at Newbsanity’s Mud Gauntlet
1:25:35 – 1:31:31 – Day 5 at Erie’s OCR Battlegrounds
1:31:31 – 1:36:37 – Day 6 at Michelle Warnky’s Movement Lab
1:36:37 – 1:44:30 – Day 7 at William and Evan’s House
1:44:30 – end – Outro

Our next episode will be day 8 of Ocr America 2, I also did my own coverage of KC Timber Challenge to get an overall feel for the event and local race scene out there!

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