Mike’s lack of sleep of sleep has finally caught up to him but the on must go show … or something like that! Ah man I crack myself up sometimes … anyway Katelyn went to the CRR award banquet to spend time with some awesome people and pick up Mike’s awards. Mike tries to get his thoughts in order and describe his incredible trip with Evan, Bobby, Jacob, and Terry!

Please listen to Strength and Speed’s 8 episodes that Mike hosted, he put a lot of effort into those which may lead the people checking this show out for the first time now slightly disappointed.

0 – 2:00 – Intro
2:01 – 5:33 – News
5:34 – 6:08 – Content Preface
6:09 – 15:10 – CRR Award Ceremony Recap
15:11 – 26:15 – OCR America Recap from a very tired Mike
26:16 – end – Outro

Our next episode will likely be extra OCR America audio, KC Timber Challenge interviews, both, or neither but it will be better quality than this one!

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