All the race winnings this week come from just one race, but it is a big one. Hildervat Jacksonville gave out over $23,000 in winnings this weekend and you can see most of it on this week’s Moneyboard.

Veejay Jones won $5,000 with his first-place finish at Hildervat, more than doubling his winnings for the year so far. Jones has a total of $9,000 for the year and is all by himself in first place. He moves up one spot from last week.

Rebecca Hammond won $5,000 with her first-place finish at Hildervat AND another $500 as part of the first place Pro Relay Team. Her $5,500 in new winnings make up the bulk of her $6,800 for the year so far. Hammond moves up 15 spots (!) to secure spot #2 on the Moneyboard.

If you won $1,000 most weeks of the year you would expect to gain ground on the Moneyboard. Not with Hildervat this week, and not for Ryan Kempson. Kempson won 3rd place at Hildervat but lost his #1 spot. He drops two spots to number three. Kempson has $5,100 in winnings for the year.

The greatest injustice on the Moneyboard belongs to Nicole Mericle. She was well on her way to winning the Hildervat semifinals when she suffered an injury to her knee. Winning the semifinals would have guaranteed her $2,000 (and a shot at $5k if she won the finals) but her semis DNF and 4th place was only worth $500. Mericle has a total of $4,500 in winnings this year She moves down two spots this week to number four.

Ryan Atkins makes his Top-Ten Moneyboard debut this week at number 5. Atkins won $2,000 with his second-place finish at Hildervat and $500 with his first-place finish in the Pro Relay. This was only the second race weekend of the year for Atkins following his win at Savage Ohio last week. He has a total of $3,500 for the year and moves up 11 spots to number 5.

Kris Rugloski did not race this weekend, although we heard from some folks who thought she should have been invited to Hildervat. Her $3,300 in winnings is still good for sixth place on the board, down two spots from last week.

Alex Walker was a late addition to the Hildervat roster and she showed she belonged to be there. She won $1,000 with her 3rd place finish, bringing her total to $3,000 for the year. Like Ryan Kempson you would expect that money to move her up in the standings, but unlike Kempson she did not lose ground. Walker stands pat at spot seven on the Moneyboard.

Ryan Woods won $500 at Hildervat with his 4th place finish. The most exciting part of his weekend might have been the trip home when the police were called to “escort” a lady off of his flight. (That’s a true story. Ask him.) Woods is up to $2,500 in winnings for the year and drops one spot to number eight.

Kaci Monroe and Victor Quezada did not race OCR this weekend. Quezada did some functional fitness, but the OCR Report Moneyboard is dedicated to OCR winnings only. Monroe has $2,200 in winnings and drops four places to number nine. Quezada has $2,100 in winnings and drops four places to number ten.

Next up: Next weekend is a quiet one for the Moneyboard, but the week after could see more action. Spartan is in Ohio on June 5-6 and Battle of the Lions will hold their second race of the year on June 5th, this time in Kansas City. The top four spots on the board are secure for the next two weeks, but we could see some action on the bottom two-thirds of the board after June 6th.


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