We did it! We made it to episode 100 without ever missing a week! Many thank yous to everyone we have had on the show, everyone who listens to the show, and the people who tuned into our live recording and asked us questions!

Listen and hear our intro that was recorded live during a Facebook and Instagram live and then a bit of content from the Santa Hustle 5k in South Portland, ME! In the outro you will hear a series of shout-outs from a variety of other great podcasts like Obstacle Racing Media, World’s Toughest Podcast, OCR Talk, Overcome and Run, I Am A Spartan OCR Podcast, Strength & Speed, and The NE Spahtens Show! Mike listens to all of them and recommends that you give them some love as well!

Episode Reference Links:

Hang Glider Nightmare:

Javier Escobar (newly sponsored athlete)’s WTM:

Margaret Schlachter leaving Mud Run Guide:

Next weekend we will be covering the Christmas Trailfecta race in Cumberland, RI and hopefully Mike’s phone (and leg) will work properly this time, also Katelyn will be at Winter Lights 5k in Plymouth, MA with more of the team!

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Intro music – “Streaker” by: Straight Up
Outro music – “Iron Paw” by: Dubbest


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