Jon Albon completes last qualification to compete for Spartan’s $1,000,000 prize.

Jon Albon MalaysiaToday in Malaysia Jon Albon completed the last obstacle in his path to race for one million dollars.

Spartan Race threw down a $1,000,000 gauntlet at the beginning of the 2018 OCR Championship season. Any man or woman that won the Spartan Race World Championship, Trifecta Championship, and ran 100 miles while winning the Ultra Championship would win one million dollars.

The field of thousands of possible millionaires was quickly narrowed to two people at the Spartan Race World Championships in Lake Tahoe on September 29th. Jon Albon and Lindsay Webster came away with the victory and set themselves up as the only two people on earth with a chance for the big prize.

Those two dwindled to one when Lindsay declined to race in the Spartan Trifecta Championship in Athens Greece on November 3rd and 4th. Albon competed and came away with his second win in the three-race bonus series.

Spartan decided to make it a little more difficult for Albon. Before he would be allowed to race the Ultra Championship in Iceland on December 8th he would have to “qualify” for the race. In order to qualify Albon would have to complete a Spartan Ultra somewhere in the world before the Ultra Championships on December 8th.

Today Albon checked that last box off his to-do list with just one week to spare. He competed in the Malaysia Ultra and won. There was no requirement from Spartan to win or to even compete hard in the qualifying Ultra. He just had to show up and complete the race. He could walk the course and qualify for Iceland. Albon chose to compete and won the 30 mile/48km race in 6:04:41

Jon Albon is one race and 100 miles away from his million dollar prize and Spartan is one week away from handing over the largest check ever written in the history of Obstacle Course Racing.

Jon Albon, we wish you luck!

Jon Albon Malaysia


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