Tougher Mudder New Orleans Recap.

Kailey Brodhacker and Mark James join us to talk about their experiences at the first ever Tougher Mudder, held this past weekend near New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kailey finished in third place for the women and talks about her experience helping her competitor complete an obstacle and then having to run her down afterward.

Mark ran the course and did a write up for his new blog, on his way home from the race. He talks about the differences between the requirements for Tougher Mudder and Tough Mudder, such as removing the first ring from Kong so you have to jump out and grab onto the second ring before you can swing your way across.

The top finishers at Tougher Mudder New Orleans are:


1st. Matthew Kempson, 1:34.06

2nd. Eddie Henry, 1:41.24

3rd. Brandon Eddards, 1:42.15


1st. Theresa Edwards, 1:41.19

2nd. Nikki Perry, 2:28.00

3rd. Kailey Brodhacker, 2:34.43

Stay tuned for the end of the episode to hear Sean Corvelle brief the Tougher Mudder wave and give them the competitive pledge before he sends them out to find their best.

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