Jim Campbell is the only person to complete 100 Tough Mudder events and he’s still going. Jim is going to sit down with us to talk about his story and what Tough Mudder has meant to his life in a few weeks. On this bonus episode Jim walks us through the course of the Tough Mudder 2017 Season Opener in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The NOLA Tough Mudder will have 22 obstacles over a 10-12 mile course. For a look at the course map go to ToughMudder.com or check out the World’s Toughest Podcast Facebook page.

The obstacles are:

1) Pitfall

2) Skidmarked

3) Kiss of Mud 2.0

4) Hero Carry

5) Devil’s Beard

6) Ladder to Hell

7) Tire(d) Yet

8) Haha Ditch

9) Pyramid Scheme

10) Mud Mile 2.0

11) The Block Ness Monster

12) Berlin Walls

13) Everest 2.0

14) Augustus Gloop/Snot Rocket

15) Turducken

16) Birth Canal/Black Hole

17) Monster Mash

18) Stage 5 Clinger/Reacharound

19) Arctic Enema: The Rebirth

20) Funky Monkey: The Revolution

21) 6 Feet Under

22) Electroshock Therapy/Kong

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