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Matt B. Davis joins us for the second of our three episodes this week. Matt is the co-founder of Obstacle Racing Media and the host of the longest running podcast in OCR, the Obstacle Racing Media podcast. You can find more about Matt at

Matt got a chance to sit down with Nolan Kombol and Eli Hutchison of Tough Mudder recently and asked them some additional questions that we did not cover in our recent talk with them in Episode 004. Matt and I listen to audio from his podcast and discuss what their answers mean for Tough Mudder and Toughest Mudder.

Some of the topics we discuss are the new Team Relay category at WTM 2017, the four different kinds of bibs you’ll see at WTM this year, and how likely it is that someone will win the $50,000 bonus for a man reaching 110 miles or a woman reaching 100 miles.

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