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Kyle McLaughlin is the CEO of Tough Mudder.

Kyle joins us this week to talk about the 2022 Tough Mudder event calendar and drops a ton of other info along the way. Including:

  • The Theme of WTM 2021 Obstacles: Mash-Ups
  • A brand-new Tough Mudder multi-lap event: Tough Mudder Infinity. 10 Hours on course of as many 15ks or 5ks (you choose!) as you can do during a regular Tough Mudder event weekend.
  • 2022 will have three primary Tough Mudder distances: 5k, 10k, and 15k
  • New venue for Toughest Mudder UK: North West
  • Tough Mudder US Calender: 28 venues going from January in SoCal to December in Central Florida
  • Tough Mudder UK Calendar: 10 venues going from April in North London to September in London South
  • Saying goodbye to the Tougher Mudder wave and hello to the Legionnaire Wave
  • The US version of the Unholy Grail. (It is a LOT of miles)

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