Tough Mudder has added to their suite of virtual events with the new Tough Mudder Milestones.

Participants have their choice of 12 physical accomplishments to work toward during 2021. Mudders can work on one at a time or multiple Milestones simultaneously.

The 12 Milestones are organized into four categories: Stride, tracking your walking and running distance; Elevation, tracking your cumulative elevation gain; Ride, measuring your biking milage; and Group, challenging the runner and his group to tackle a distance or elevation challenge as a team.

Each category has three Milestones, generally organized into Easy, Medium, and Difficult accomplishments. The “easy” Stride Milestone is the Stride 100, requiring participants to “run, jog or walk 100 cumulative miles” between January 1 and December 31. The “hard” Stride Milestone requires 1,000 miles in the same time.

Each Milestone costs $15 to participate and comes with a unique challenge coin to recognize completion, as well as access to the Tough Mudder Challenges Facebook group for motivation and accountability from the Tough Mudder community. For more information on Tough Mudder Milestones, click here or go to


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