The top seven spots are unchanged, but a titan begins her rise as Lindsay Webster makes her first appearance on the Moneyboard this year.

The OCR Report Moneyboard tracks OCR race winnings all year long. The Moneyboard does NOT include sponsorship money, DEKA/HYROX winnings, or OCR TV show winnings. The Moneyboard is prepared each week by OCR Report staff and can only be found here on The OCR Report.

Veejay Jones and Rebecca Hammond remain secure at the top of the Moneyboard in Spots 1 and 2. It will take several weeks of big wins for the athletes below them to catch Jones at $9,000 and Hammond at $6,800. Jones and Hammond did not race this weekend.

Ryan Kempson remains in Spot 3. Kempson won $200 with his second place finish at Spartan Tri-State on Saturday but it wasn’t enough to catch Rebecca Hammond in Spot 2. Kempson has $5,300 for the year.

Nicole Mericle and Alex Walker remain tied at Spot Number 4. They both have $4,500. Mericle continues her recovery from ACL surgery and Walker did not race this weekend.

Ryan Atkins continues to quietly accumulate race wins and prize money. He won the Spartan Tri-State Sprint on Saturday and took home the $500 first prize. It doesn’t count toward the Moneyboard, but he also won the Great Adirondack Trail Run on Sunday. Atkins has a total of $4,000 for the year. He remains in 6th place.

Kris Rugloski is in 7th place with $3,300. She did not race this weekend.

Ryan Woods won $500 with his second place finish at Savage Race Charlotte. He has a total of $3,000 for the year and moves up one spot this to Number 8 on the board.

Kaci Monroe drops one spot to Number 9. She and Ryan Woods traded spots this week. Monroe did not race this weekend. She has $2,800 for the year.

Making her 2021 Moneyboard debut is Lindsay Webster. The multiple OCR World Champion won $500 with her first place finish at the Spartan Tri-State Sprint on Saturday. Webster (and her husband Atkins, in Spot 6) got a late start to their OCR season owing to their Canadian citizenship. Now that they are in the US with races happening regularly we expect to see Webster climbing steadily up the Moneyboard. Off-topic, but Webster also the Great Adirondack Trail Run on Sunday alongside Atkins.

Just outside the top ten are Logan Broadbent ($2,300), Miranda Kielpinski ($2,150), and Victor Quezada ($2,100). Kielpinski had a good weekend with her first-place finish and $500 win on Day 2 of the Spartan Tri-State Sprint.

Coming up this weekend: Spartan Colorado Springs, Spartan Dallas Stadion, and Hildervat holds their second race of 2021 in St. Cloud Florida. Good luck all!


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