With the first major OCR events right around the corner in April, athletes from around the world will come to compete in the first Spartan 3k Series and GoRuck Games in Florida.

Vermont 2021 – Jack Goras

This year’s prize payout is noticeably lower than in years past, and we want to track how much athletes make in 2023. We want to use it as a way to show the gap. The money board will not include sponsorships or other means of income other than the prize money earned at each event. We cannot track every event this year, but we will track all the major ones.

Here is the list of events we are tracking:

  • Spartan 3k Series and Points Winners
  • GoRuck Games
  • Savage Race Series and Points Winners (Not all Savages will be tracked)
  • Spartan Pan-American and World Championships
  • OCR World Championships in Mammoth, California
  • Grit Games in Houston, Texas

Some events are harder to track or may not have prize money:

  • World’s Toughest Mudder in Dallas, Texas
  • FISO World Obstacle in Brussels, Belgium
  • Spartan Trifecta World Championships
  • OCR European Championships

We cannot track HYROX events because not all the prize money is made public. We are considering tracking DEKA World Championships since many elite OCR athletes will attend the event.

You can watch every race in the Spartan Elite 3k series, the SavagePro Point Series, and the 2023 DEKA Series only on The OCR Report YouTube channel. The OCR Report is the only place to watch every major race in obstacle course racing.

You can support our livestreams by becoming a member of The OCR Report through Patreon. Click here for more info on how to support the sport we love.

Utah 2022 – Jack Goras


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