Lindsay Webster won her 2021 US National Series debut with a dominating performance at the Spartan Beast in Utah. She finished the race in 2:27:25, over seven minutes ahead of Annie Dube in second place. With Nicole Mericle not racing due to a recent surgery, Webster took control of the race and pulled ahead early.

Lindsay Webster at Spartan Utah

Webster talked about her race strategy. “My goal was just to conserve and not red-line or overheat. I think that’s the one thing that could have shut down my race today. Webster talked about how it felt to be back at a high-level Spartan race. “I forgot how painful Spartan races and the obstacles can be. It was a good refresher.” Webster had praise for her competition. “There are some strong new girls in the field, which I was really nervous about. There are a lot of different courses which will play to different people’s strengths. I’m excited for the rest of it!”

Annie Dube on the Z-Wall

Annie Dube finished in second place with a time of 2:34:28. She talked about her struggles with cramping during the race. “I was fighting cramps the whole time. I walked up the steps to Monkey Bars and I cramped so bad that I just stood there for like a minute and tried to get it out.” At the finish line Dube was asked what was going through her head. “I was in survival mode. Just one foot in front of the other and don’t push it.”

Rose Wetzel at the Bucket Carry

In third place was Rose Wetzel with a time of 2:38:09. At one point Wetzel was forced to do penalty burpees after cramping and falling off the Helix obstacle. “I just writhed down there. It felt like forever. With this 3rd place and her 3rd place at Spartan Jacksonville, Wetzel is the current women’s 2021 USNS point leader. Although she trails Wetzel in total series points, Webster is in the driver’s seat in the points race. The scoring format of the five-race US National Series is “Top three races count”. Webster has won the one race she has entered with three more still to come.

The next race in the US National Series is the Spartan Super on July 31, in Asheville North Carolina.

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