Saturday, March 6, 2021

Obstacle Running Adventures

This weekly podcast follows the adventures of MStefano Running, a small but dedicated team of runners that complete both road races as well as OCRs.
Mine Falls Trail Running Festival with Escobar, Chace, and Hooper

197. Mine Falls Trail Running Festival with Escobar, Chace and Hooper

Listen to hear some old familiar voices - Javier Escobar, Josh Chace and Michael Stefano! Javier Escobar ran (and finished in fourth place) in the 8k and Josh...
Kenny West OCR Athlete

196. Kenny West Wins His First Ever Trail Race

Katelyn had the opportunity to meet Patreon supporter and longtime listener Kenny West (over Zoom, of course)! They chat about his recent first place finish at The Dutchman...
GORUCK Star Course with Mark Duplessis

195. GORUCK Star Course 26 with Mark Duplessis

We had Mark Duplessis on once again, this time to talk about his first time doing GORUCK's Star Course! He is a much more experienced Rucker than...
Kismet Cliff Run - Coree Woltering, Tom Hooper

194. Kismet Cliff Run with Coree Woltering, Tom Hooper, and More

Mike and Katelyn were finally able to cover a live event- The Kismet Cliff Run in Conway, New Hampshire! Listen and you will recognize some familiar east coast elite...
Obstacle Running Adventures - OCR Podcast - Thunder Run

193. Thunder Run 5k Obstacle Race Recap with Angela Bowers

This weekend Angela ran her first OCR since last November and she was kind enough to take time out of her night to chat to chat about her...

192. Virtual Toughest with the Female Winner Jes Parker

Even more Virtual Toughest Mudder Content, this time Katelyn has Jes Parker the women's winner of the event! If you missed our recap episode we highly recommend checking it...
Obstacle Running Adventures OCR Podcast

191. Virtual Toughest Mudder with Winner Joe Carollo

More Virtual Toughest Mudder Content, but this time hearing from the overall winner of the event, Joe Carollo! Also apologies for Mike being extra cranky, he hates his...
Obstacle Running Adventures OCR Podcast

190. Virtual Toughest Mudder with Pit Audio

We survived through Virtual Toughest Mudder! Lots of emotions ranging from sincere gratefulness to complaining about boredom and everything in between for this one. You'll hear what TMHQ planned...
Tough Mudder Challenges

189. Tough Mudder Challenges and Gearing Up for Virtual Toughest

Katelyn and Mike discuss Tough Mudder Challenges as well as next weekend's Virtual Toughest. You may strongly disagree with Mike's grumpy hot takes but if you leave us...

188. News but No Content

Have you been wondering where we have been for the past few days? Are you worried about us because we have been quiet on social media? Well, worry...


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