Monday, August 15, 2022

Obstacle Running Adventures

This weekly podcast follows the adventures of MStefano Running, a small but dedicated team of runners that complete both road races as well as OCRs.

283. OCR Everest, “On Endurance”, and More with Evan Perperis

Starting with OCR America back in 2016, Evan Perperis has been putting his body through insane ultra OCR challenges every year in order to fundraise, and see what he is capable of! This year it...
Matthew Gill Newbsanity

282. Matthew Gill on Newbsanity’s Mud Gauntlet, Savage Series, and Toughest Mudder Philly

When a name keeps popping up on podiums it starts to stand out, especially when we read podiums every week! This is how Mike noticed Matthew Gill. He took second at Newbsanity's Mud Gauntlet as...
Wason Pond Pounder

281. The Final Wason Pond Pounder with David Veale

Mike has been aware of the Wason Pond Pounder for many years and we registered for their final event (planned for 2020) back in 2019! Of course 2020 was a rough year for...
Kris Rugloski

280. Kris Rugloski on Hyrox World Championships and Spartan Big Bear

Very excited to have Kris Rugloski on the show again, this time longer than a few minutes! She had a phenomenal weekend which included winning the Hyrox World Championships in Las Vegas and then traveling...

279. We Watched Spartan Games Season 2 So You Don’t Need To

We had plans with a great OCR athlete to have them on the show for a Mother's Day episode! Got a bunch of questions together that I have been coming up with over...
Jarrett Newby

278. GORUCK Games with Jarrett Newby

We were torn on what to have this episode focus on. We intended to have someone call in from the Tri-State Spartan weekend but Mike was much more interested in the GORUCK Games after...
Michael Wardian

277. Michael Wardian is Running Across America

We had Michael Wardian on the show for the first time! Our paths have crossed a few times before on the Spartan Cruise and an Ultra Virus Virtual Race but we haven't had a...
Derti Development

276. Derti Development with Kati and Brian Turcotte

Katelyn spoke with Kati and Brian Turcotte from Derti Development in Northwood, NH. Listen to hear more about Derti Development's permanent obstacle course which is built on over nine acres of land. You will...

275. The Penultimate FIT Challenge with Elites and Ultras

Mike woke up at 6am to get to the start of the second to last FIT Challenge OCR event! He may have missed the start but he was able to get interviews with...

274. Crazy AF News with Matt B Davis!

We weren't sure what we would be doing for this weekend's episode but Matt B Davis from Obstacle Racing Media texted us and said that he wanted to call in. What he had to...


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