Hear from the elites at Tougher Mudder, some of the sponsors of the event, and how our teammates did at Tough Mudder on Saturday! Then hear our gameplan for Toughest, how it works out for us, and last but not least listen to what the Toughest elites had to say about their finishes!

Tougher Elites – Ryan Kempson, Matt Kempson, Cole Schwartz, Chris Ferland, Jarod Rego, Meg Julian, Serra Langone, and Jen Reise!

Tough Mudder Sponsors – TRex Tape, Bakery on Main, Celsius, Barnana, and Team Reeve!

Toughest Elites – Shaun Stephens-Whale, Mark Jones, Allison Tai, Joshua Ried, and Kelly Sullivan!

Next weekend we will be hearing from a special guest about an important topic in these hot summer months, overhydration!


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