A very sleep deprived Mike went to the Citi Field Spartan Sprint to interview some elites and other interesting people. This is somewhat new for us so let us know your thoughts on this being a more regular aspect to the show!

Katelyn also gets a call in with John about the Crush Cancer 5k  in Bridgewater, MA where both he and Kay were awarded 2nd in their age groups!

4:35 – Men’s Elites: Isaiah Vidal, Ryan Kent, and Brakken Kraker!

6:40 Women’s Elites: Orla Walsh and Sarah Harrison!

9:40 Adrian Li from Vigilante Fitness Couple!

13:15 Kaity Zhu from Vigilante Fitness Couple!

16:50 John Landry on Crush Cancer 5k!

Next weekend we will be at the New Jersey Spartan Beast in Vernon, NJ!


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