It’s pretty clear that OCR has taken a massive hit due to the outbreak of COVID back in 2020 but many were optimistic about a strong return after. Unfortunately, things still aren’t looking much better with low turnouts at many events, race brands rapidly downsizing, and from what we and other friends can vouch for a large hit to podcast listeners.

Robb McCoy from FIT Challenge has won awards from Best of OCR for his role as a race director, his race itself, and for the unique obstacles that are featured in them! Yet due to the effect of low registrations, it is looking like this almost decade old OCR company will be coming to an end in 2023.

We had him on to talk about what he considered going into making this decision, what he believes it means for the sport of OCR, and his plans moving forward!

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0:00 – 2:35 – Intro
2:35 – 9:08 – Quick News
9:08 – 9:31 – Content Preface
9:31 – 13:31 – Mike’s Rant
13:31 – 49:48 – Robb McCoy from FIT Challenge Interview
49:48 – End – Outro

Next episode we may go to or have someone call in about BoldrDash WinterDash!

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