Toughest Mudder Central is in the books and it was a great race. JahLisa James ran the course and she joins us to talk about how the race went for her. She also talks about the obstacle that had her praying as she approached it and how Toughest Mudder can help prepare you for World’s Toughest Mudder

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:23 Let’s talk some news
  • 2:47 Toughest MN Men’s Podium
  • 3:20 Toughest MN Women’s Podium
  • 4:03 Two-Person Team Relay Podium
  • 5:21 Four-Person Team Relay Podium
  • 8:08 Shout out to Team Two Dymes
  • 9:15 Stop proposing to the volunteers
  • 10:05 Course Terrain and Wolf Whistles
  • 12:02 Kyle McLaughlin promoted to CEO
  • 14:12 Finisher Beer: Quality vs. Quantity
  • 17:18 FIVE STARS!!!
  • 18:50 Toughest Mudder Central with JahLisa James
  • 42:33 Outro

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