I spoke with elite OCR athlete Alexandra Walker this week all about her experience at TMX, Toughest South, and how she trains to keep up with the elite field.

Alex tells me how she got started in OCR, how and when she started training competitively, and what it’s like to have Yancy Culp as her personal coach. That leads us into a short discussion about the importance of coaching when it comes to training.

She shares with me her experience at TMX in Sacramento and what it was like being in the “pain cave”, and she talks about the transition between TMX and then Toughest just a few weeks later. I ask her to compare the competition between short races and endurance races, and to compare an ultra marathon to an endurance OCR.

Alex tells me about what distance she considers her speciality and why, and shares some tips about how to prepare for wet obstacles.

Lastly, she tells me what some of her favorite races are, and we naturally talk about the epic Battlefrog rigs.


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