OCR athlete Deanna Brasz joins me on the podcast this week to talk all about Toughest Mudder, endurance racing and mental strength!

Deanna starts by sharing her background and how she got into OCR, and tells me why she primarily sticks to Tough Mudder.

We then talk about the recent Toughest Mudder West where she finished in fifth place for the women, and the unexpected challenges of that race. She also tells me how this Toughest Mudder compares to the many other that she has run before.

Deanna then tells me about why she tends to lean towards endurance races, and the mental attitude behind it. We go over details like her pit strategy and nutrition, and she shares what it’s like dealing with exercise-induced asthma during these races.

We also discuss mental strength, and Deanna tells me about her World’s Toughest Mudder experience last year. She shares what she’s been focusing on with training, and what specific techniques she’s been using to improve her upper body strength.


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