This calendar was updated after this article was published. Click here to see the most recent 2021 US OCR Calendar of Events.

The OCR industry has begun to come back from the nightmare that was the 2020 race season. Spartan and Savage have already held their first races of the year. Tough Mudder is scheduled to return on April 24th in Atlanta. The smaller race series and once-per-year local races have their schedules posted and are accepting race registrations right now.

With herd immunity on the horizon and millions of vaccines being administered daily, it is possible to see the COVID-less light on the horizon. It is time to get back to racing.

Here is the 2021 OCR Race Calendar, updated as of March 29th, 2021. Right-click the calendar to save it and bookmark this page for updates on any postponements or cancellations. We will see you on the course!

Update: Spartan Big Bear on May 15th has been canceled. More information to come.

Updated March 29th, 2021: We added 34 new event dates including races from Rugged Maniac, Grit OCR, Phoenix Race, Grit Games, and Horseshoe Bend OCR.


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