This week, I brought on Dustin Dorough for a Q&A session all about Terrain Race, from their past and current issues to the changes we can look forward to for 2019.

Dustin starts by explaining how and why he got started with Terrain Race, and tells me more about the development team that he’s a part of and how hands on that team is with the race. He also talks about the changes that the team is planning on implementing in 2019.

We discuss the issues with the photographers and photos from the races they’ve had, and we discuss issues with customer service and how they plan on improving it in the future.

I also ask about their recent promotion where they offered free registration, and Dustin explains the thought process behind it.

Lastly, I ask about whether they’ll be putting more emphasis on the competitive race in the future, and whether they’ll add more distance options beyond the 5K.


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