Spartan has officially purchased Tough Mudder! This is the biggest news in the OCR industry since the OCR industry became a thing approximately 10 years ago.

We open the episode with a brief discussion of the Spartan/Tough Mudder purchase story so far. It has been an emotional journey.

This past weekend was the first race of the 2020 Spartan US National Series in Jacksonville, Florida. Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster took home the wins for the men and the women.

On today’s episode, we talk with the top four male finishers about their race in Jacksonville. We will talk with the top female finishers in future episodes. (Note on that below).

Each man we talked with had a slightly different take on the race, and we talked about slightly different topics with each one. Ryan Atkins commented on OCR and social media during the off-season. Veejay Jones also touched on social media and the lengths people go to document their workouts. Ryan Kempson talked about his one-second win over Ryan Woods for 3rd Place and Ryan Woods talked about the non-controversy that was his Herc Hoist.

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