This week, I spoke to Veejay Jones, Spartan‘s youngest pro-team member and a strong contender in their championship series.

We start with Veejay telling her all about the championship race in Chicago where Veejay placed second, conquering all the mud out there and beating out some top contenders. That leads us to discuss the different challenges of each of the races in Spartan’s championship series, and Veejay tells me what he’s expecting with Tahoe and how he plans to tackle it.

He also shares what has helped him climb the ranks over the past two years, and he talks about the importance of recovery and his methods for it.

I ask him about his plans for the next several years when it comes to OCR, and he tells me how he plans on maintaining his trajectory.

Veejay tells me about how he’s got his eye set on the North American OCR Championshiprace, which leads us into a discussion about mandatory obstacle completion and penalty loops.

Lastly, he shares his goals for 2019, and talks about the lessons he’s learned with nutrition and how he’s changed it up to be better prepared for races.


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