Spartan announced the creation of the Spartan Hall of Fame. The Spartan Hall of Fame is a recognition of the Elite athletes that have helped drive the growth of Spartan since the first Spartan race in 2010.

Spartan Hall of Fame members are selected based on the body of work from their Spartan racing career. The Spartan Hall of Fame is numbers-based, as opposed to a selection or an election process. Most members of major sports Halls of Fame are selected by a panel of credentialed writers and media members that cover their sport. Spartan and Obstacle Course Racing do not have hundreds of professional media covering the sport like baseball, football, and hockey.

The Spartan Hall of Fame selection process takes into account the three following factors:

  • Race Type
  • Finishing Place
  • Percent of Winner

The better your performance against the best competition, the more Hall of Fame points you earn. HOF Points will only be earned with a top-ten finish and a final time within 75% of the race winner. Spartan will lay out the exact details behind the points process in a future announcement.

Another requirement to join the Spartan Hall of Fame is an athlete’s retirement from the sport. An athlete is not eligible for membership until they have been inactive from Spartan for two or more years. This is the primary factor keeping athletes like Amelia Boone, Ryan Atkins, and Lindsay Webster from being members of the first class of Hall of Famers.

The inaugural class of the Spartan Hall of Fame is Hobie Call, Cody Moat, and Claude Godbout. Hobie Call was the first superstar of OCR, with three Spartan World Championships. Ryan Kent raced seven Spartan World Championships and never finished lower than fifth place, winning twice. Claude Godbout won two Spartan World Championships and the first-ever Ultra Beast in 2012.

The first Spartan Hall of Fame induction will occur this November at the 2022 Spartan Trifecta World Championship in Sparta, Greece. Members of the Spartan Hall of Fame will receive a red blazer jacket and have their names engraved on a rock that will be displayed on the Hall of Fame wall in Sparta. Future Spartan Hall of Fame inductions will take place each year at the Trifecta World Championship.

Hobie Call, Cody Moat, and Claude Godbout will forever be recognized as the first class of Spartan Hall of Famers. Congratulations to the new Spartan Hall of Fame inductees!



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