The first Spartan Race 3k is in the books. What happened? Who was there? Is it worth it?

Some of the top athletes from around the world came; we had Leon Kofoed, Veejay Jones, Alvaro Vasquez, Manuel Dufaux, Mark Batres, Tyler Veerman, Nic Maszk, Shaun Stephens-Whale, Adam Beach, and many other great athletes in the men’s field. In the women’s, we had Berenice Barrera, Nicole Mericle, Julie Best, Janka Pepova, Miranda Kielpinski, Sarah Rich, Natalie Miano, Ashley Heller, Alexandra Salomon, and Courtney May.

There were 26 total men and only ten women racing the 3k. The first stage for the women was canceled, and all ten women immediately went to stage two. Of the first stage, nine men were eliminated, and 17 went on to stage two. For stage two women, only five proceeded to the final stage, and nine men. There was a low showing of participants. The event lasted about two to three hours and was action-packed. It was not very spectator friendly because of how spread out the obstacles were and how inaccessible they can be when they are running a short loop.

I am conflicted about having the athletes should make the 3k loop in the qualifying stages, not just the final stage. The first two stages are a 1k loop, and the final stage is three laps. The problem with doing the 3k qualifying stages is that it would drastically make the event longer. I would love to see them try it and see how it works.

The event consisted of 12 obstacles on a 1k loop with a short run in the water. The notable obstacles were one complex rig, z-wall, rope climb, bucket carry, and a laser pistol.

The event was fast-paced and fun to watch. Easy for spectators to get around and get in on all the action. I wish the loop was not so significant because it was hard to get around and get all the action.

Veejay Jones won the men’s by 33 seconds and Nicole Mericle won the women’s with almost three minutes on second place, Janka Pepova. You can watch the full race here!

The next race in the series is Big Bear, May 19th. You can watch it live on our Youtube channel or you can come spectate! This is an event that is definitely better in person.

Photos by Jack Goras, @imagesbyjack


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