On June 11-12, the Spartan Beast in Ajusco will host one of the races in the new North American Elite Series. This will make the North American series a true North American championship. We have reached out to Spartan Canada for information on a Canadian leg of the North American series.

On Christmas Eve Spartan announced the creation of a new Elite-focused race series called the North American Elite Series with the first race to take place in March.

We were notified by readers of The OCR Report that Spartan Mexico has already announced one of the races in the North American series has already been announced. On December 23rd the Spartan Race Mexico Instagram account posted its race schedule for 2022.

The June 11-12 Beast in Ajusco will be the first time Spartan has had a series cross the US/Mexico border. There has been no official announcement of Canada hosting a race in the series. We have reached out to Spartan Canada for comment.


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