Thursday, January 26, 2023

Obstacle Running Adventures

Welcome to Obstacle Running Adventures! On this podcast, you’ll hear from elite athletes, race directors, members of the OCR and running world! Our top priority is to shine a spotlight on the incredible athletes in the northeast and to inspire others to step outside their comfort zones!

56. Colonial Road Runner Award Banquet and Blizzard Blast with Fred Smith!

Listen to this weekend's episode which focused on the Colonial Road Runner's Award Banquet- where Mike and Angela cleaned up! You will also be hear from Fred Smith, the race director of Blizzard Blast...

55. New England Spahtens and #RaceLocal!

In this episode we talk to 3 board members of one of the biggest OCR teams in the country, the New England Spahtens! We hear from Paul Jones, Sandy Rhee, and Josh Chace about how...


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