For our second episode this week, I brought elite OCR athlete Mikhail Gerylo on to talk all about this year’s OCR World Championships in the UK.

Mik starts by telling me all about the 15k race where he placed in the top 15, and talks about the 100 obstacles in detail. He shares what made the course so difficult, and why the overall completion rate for many elite athletes was so low. He tells me more about the unique obstacles there, and shares his strategy for recovering after falling off an obstacle.

Mik also compares this year’s course to last year’s, and the challenges with each. We then talk about the team race, and he tells me his role on the Maple Syrup Mamas team alongside Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster. Mik gives more detail about the team race format, and tells me more about the stiff competition.

We then talk about the race distance that he prefers to train for, and Mik shares more about his background and coaching. He tells me his plans for the off-season, and his big OCR goals for 2019.


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