Last Sunday, the Overcome and Run team was in Sacramento for Tough Mudder X, Tough Mudder’s 1-mile competitive race complete with both obstacles and functional fitness stations. This was the first TMX event since last summer’s invitational TMX event, and is one of three events that Tough Mudder is hosting this year.

We grabbed tons of live footage while we there (all available to watch on our Facebook page), and when we weren’t filming live, we were grabbing interviews!

Heather spoke with:

-Mack Roesch

-Ryan Kent

-David Tyson “Superman” Perry

-Isaiah Vidal

-Hunter McIntyre

-David Magida

-Jen Munro

-Alexandra Walker

-Corinna Coffin

-Michelle Ford

We talk about the strategy between preliminary and final waves, short courses, the competition, how this year’s course compares to last year, training for this type of race, and so much more!


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