Battlefrog closed its doors six years ago on August 23, 2016. Battlefrog now serves as a cautionary tale for other race series: Before you expand nationwide be SURE you are ready.

From 2014 to 2016 Battlefrog went from a regional race series in the southeast US to a nationwide race series with a Fiesta Bowl sponsorship and a TV show on ESPN 2 to closed for business entirely.

The Battlefrog race series was known for its difficult obstacles and requiring 100% obstacle completion to qualify as a finisher in the elite wave. Some races did not have enough people complete every obstacle to fill the podium with three finishers.

There was talk of a Battlefrog revival in late 2019. After everything closed down in early 2020, the first race back was postponed and then canceled.

Ryan Atkins, Lindsay Webster, and Corrina Coffin were members of the Battlefrog Pro Team. They shared some of their personal photos with us from their time with Battlefrog. You can see them in the Instagram post below.

There have been many OCR brands that have come and gone, but Battlefrog still has a special place in the hearts of many.

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