Another year, another round table chat with fellow OCR podcasters!

This is the fifth year in a row where we have done this, the members frequently change but it’s a good way to have fun, get fresh ideas, and help awareness that there are other great shows out there!

In the past we have had Heather Olsen from Overcome and Run, Matt B Davis from Obstacle Racing Media, Josh Chace from NE Spartan Show and then Obstacle Discourse with Davis and Chace, Scott “The Fayne” Knowles from I Am A Spartan Podcast, Jason Dupree and Anna Landry from OCR Talk, Kim DeVoss from OCR Coven, Dave Claxton from OFX Podcast, and Rich Ryan from Reinforced Running.

This year we have Scott and Dave returning with an addition of Brakken Kraker from The Running Public and Race Brain!

0:00 – 3:45 – Intro
3:45 – 8:47 – Quick News
8:47 – 9:56 – Content Preface
9:56 – 2:00:18 – Round Table Chat
2:00:18 – End – Outro

Next episode will be either live coverage from the Frozen Clam Obstaplunge or an episode on how to set proper goals with a guest who we have been planning to have on the show for months!

News Stories:

MudGear Sandbag
Spartan Labor Death and Fundraiser
Kaci Monroe’s Daughter’s Birthday
Local 3 Event Ultra Series
Flying Secret Link
Fence Secret Link
Award Secret Link
Ice Cream Secret Link

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